I was at Chase Bank in Canandaigua yesterday (Sept. 6th)  and got into a conversation with the Assistant Vice President about JP Morgan’s new trading app called “You Invest“. He briefly introduced me to the service while I was there conducting some other business.  There’s no cost to sign up for a You Invest account and you will get your first 100 trades for free. And then it’s only $2.95 per trade thereafter. When you compare that price to other brokers like Fidelity or Etrade.com who charge $4.95 and $6.95 respectively, you will see that Chase is offering something more aggressive to earn your business. Plus, you can walk into any Chase branch and get help from a banker to setup your investment account if you don’t feel comfortable doing it online. I think that kind of reassurance gives individuals that are new to investing some peace of mind that they can sit down and actually talk to someone.  I just signed up for a You Invest account myself so I can explore it further because $2.95 is also lower than what I am paying!


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