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Gerry A. Manzari is an American businessman and investor. He is currently CEO for Five Star Choice, LLC, a distributing company that specializes in consumer electronics and related accessories.

Manzari started his first company in 2005 buying Plantronics telephone headsets at wholesale prices from a specialty distributor in Tennessee and reselling them to customers across the United States and Canada. His company, “Albany Headsets” had quickly become a recognized online retailer of headsets for offices, call centers, contact centers, 911 dispatch centers, and gaming applications. Manzari also sold his products to hospitals, emergency dispatch centers, schools, universities and various government agencies including the Alaska Army National Guard. Manzari generated more than $2.9 million in the first 12 months.

Today Manzari is committed to helping individuals launch their own business. He provides consulting services to help new entrepreneurs understand the steps and processes required to launch a successful profitable business. Manzari shares his knowledge through various seminars, webinars, his own website, forums, blogs and more.

Manzari.com, a newly established website which is still undergoing development and further enhancements was developed as a tool for individuals who are interested and starting an online business and generating income by investing in U.S. stocks and ETFs.

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