Start an Online Business

Before you can start an online business you may be required to legally register your business first. For example, if you want to structure your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), you will need to register your state and the IRS.

Business formation and structure

Decide what type of entity you want to form: Corporation (Inc), Limited Liability Company or Sole Proprietorship. Which one is right for you?

Register with your state

Before you can start doing business, you must first register your business with your state.. You might also be required to collect sales tax.

Get a Federal Employer Identification Number

Even though your business might not have employees when you first start out, you may still be required to have a FEIN.

Manzari's 6 Step Guide to Start Your Business

Take the time necessary to plan your business, make important financial decisions and fulfill all legal requirements.

1. Is there a market?

Go to Google and conduct market research to determine if there’s an opportunity to turn your business idea into a business. If there’s a market, what can you do better than your competitiors. What are your strengths? What advantages could you have over your competitiors.

2. Business plan

If there’s no plan, there’s no real foundation to your business. A business plan is like a roadmap that guides you how to manage, run and grow your business. If you plan on getting investors to help with funding, you will need a good business plan.

3. Business funding

How much are you going to need to start your new business. If you don’t have the amount of money you need, you can raise it. There are plenty of online services for this.

4. Business formation

One of the most important things is structuring your business properly. A very popular entity type is the Limited Liability Company (LLC) because your personal assets are not impacted by the debt of the company.

5. Come up with a creative name for your business and reigster a domain with GoDaddy

Picking a name is very time consuming, but can be very difficult. Try and come up with a name that reflects your brand.

6. Register your business and fulfill all legal requirements

Once you’ve come up with a business name it’s time to register your business.

Need help registering your business? Let us do it for you!

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